Dexter’s Story

Dexter's father, a native born United States Citizen, was able to obtain a Lebanese passport through their consulate in Detroit, Michigan, for himself and the minor child, without the mother's consent and in violation of a court order, and in violation of United States law, and travel from Tampa, through Atlanta and Rome, onto Beirut. The Tampa Police Department, in concert with with FBI and DHS are working the case. An arrest warrant has been issued for Kidnapping in violation of Florida Statutes. His bond has been revoked on his pending criminal case (Burglary of a Dwelling and interference with Child Custody). He is, at present, a fugitive. At present, there are dozens of U.S. Citizen children that have been abducted to Lebanon. Lebanon is not a signatory to Hague Convention of Intentional Child Abductions and there is no extradition treaty. Nothing is going to change until something changes. Our Government has allowed this to happen by doing nothing. That needs to change. It is going to require leadership at the highest levels, and it is going to require that those at the highest level decide to make this a priority. We are calling for our Government to take necessary measures to ensure that this crime against a U.S. citizen child and mother be treated with the urgency and attention that is desdrved.

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